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Feb 23, 2013 7:00am PST
china's largest new year's eve parade. this will be on display with te10 life-size figures. 8000 warriors'-- there's only one general that has been discovered. this legacy is on view starting this week through may 27th. the tickets are $20 for weekdays and 224 weekdays. children 12 and under arare $24. the >> this is a crowd favorite. people love to come on to see the dragon. this parade celebrates the year of the snake will be on saturday at 5:15 p.m.. this will be at second and market street. the entire event may get more crowded as you get closer to chinatown. bleacher tickets are sold out. for those of you who have a green thumb they have expo of eastern and western cultures. growers all levels are welcome to attend. this exposition runs friday through sunday at the fort mason center. it costs to $13 online or $50 at the door. the singers can pay $10 on line or $12 at the door. >> this was this week's arts and entertainment news. >> coming up on kron 4 news weekend we have had a rash of car break-ins and it is prompting a warning from the national park service. we prompting a
Feb 24, 2013 8:00am PST
spectacle of the largest new year celebration outside of china. >> reporter: thousands gathered on each side of kearny street to see the annual celebration of the chinese new year. it was a colorful and loud event that thrilled the young and not so young in the crowd. >> we just love coming out to see all the colors and the people having a good time. it's great. >> oh, i love chinese new year. it's my favorite time of year in san francisco. wonderful. >> reporter: school children have been practicing for weeks to get ready for the paradeand, that practice paid off. drumming and dancing and martial arts were all part of the act but the thing that people love most about chinese new year? >> the dragons. i love the dragons. >> everybody loves the dragons at this parade. >> firecrackers going off. and, firecrackers. what chinese new year parade would be without firecrackers? definatly a good time out here. you could tell that everyone was having a blast seeing all of those dragons, definitely.. and the drummers and everbody out here on kearny street. i'm jeff bush in san francisco, kron fou
Feb 17, 2013 8:00am PST
explains a way was found to save them. >> well a couple years ago it looked pretty shakey. china camp state park in close when the state park system was battered by state budgetcuts. we have been in triage mode in the last few years in ha in addition to the historical china camp village, the park has some of the best single track mountain bike trails in the bay area, trails the mountain bike team train on. to come and hang out at the park. but concerned citizens of marin raised nearly a million dollars to save china camp from closure, money that was matched by another million dollars from state parks. saturday those fund raising groups signed a partnership with the state park system to formalize that agreement. that matching money, which was part of the undisclosed funds embarassingly discovered nearly two years ago in the state parks budget, will bring enough funding for three marin county parks to stay open for two and a half years. china camp, olompali, and samuel p. taylor. three ago. as welcome as those funds may be, state matching funds will not be available in the future and st
Feb 16, 2013 7:00am PST
were in san francisco which is pretty cool. i had a great run. people really get with china say there? yes, sir the show mild appeal to people was revealed a sit-in to show we cut by four. it's funny but you still a premium a little bit too. true to the form p. it appeals to everyone, even people in their 20s. they've grown up in the open a culture so they get that. here is how you can be a part of it, this is a fun show i the be a great date show because you can talk about your feelings. steve is seabrook better than you. through march 30th www dog the market. order. we thank you so much for being here. it is fun. it is a good idea. here is a movie that is worth seeing, an unusual ongoing documentary begins of 64. he is interviewing children from a diverse bird is back on. the other in their 50s some of them are disappointed with the allies some of them provide some choice. this man knows how to sell a story. he is a great director. it is called 56 up. it does a good document is due in haazig thinking. >> thus unusual, ongoing documentary begins in 1964. director micharl apted
Feb 10, 2013 8:00am PST
people in china celebrated the first few hours of the chinese new year saturday night. at midnight on the first day of the month in china's lunar calendar. it's a tradition they've been following for centuries. the media in china reports tens of thousands of firefighters and police officers were on standby -- in case of any fires and emergencies. the chinese government asked for fewer fireworks to light up the sky in an effort to reduce air pollution. and take a look at this! -- during the national anthem at a bakersfield condors hockey game on friday. the teams mascot got free from its handler and escaped across the ice. the handler managed to chase the condor down. but took a hard spill on the ice. allowing the large bird to get loose again. it then hopped across the ice and onto the bench sending some players and coaches running. eventually the condor headed down the tunnel to the lockerroom where its handler was able to capture it again. welcome back. we continue to follow developments on the if your sweet tooth is aching for something because cupcakes are kind of yesterday. >> th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5